Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Michelle first fell in love with fashion at age 2, when she would often be seen bringing down her mother’s closet to dress up in diapers, heels and pearls. During her high school years her passion grew while filling up sketchbooks during classes with gowns and daydreaming about becoming a fashion designer. Wishing to explore design, proportions, materials and how these elements can contrast and balance beautifully at at bigger scale, Michelle decided to pursue a Bachelor in Architecture from the University of Miami. While her peers interned for architectural firms, Michelle spent her time interning for fellow Venezuelan fashion designer Angel Sanchez in New York, who is also trained as an architect. 

After graduating college at age 22 and having worked at the family business for 2 years Michelle started exploring with the concept of versatile evening wear. Inspired by an evening of wearing a sequin skirt over a peplum short dress as a result of having worn most of her dresses several times, Michelle felt a certain restlessness about fashion that is designed and made to be worn a couple of times but discarded later. Excited about the ensemble she had put together and the attention it received she decided to create fashion for women who wished to express themselves through open-ended collections of formal wear. Experimenting with shape, textiles and color for top and bottom pieces and how they can stand strongly alone and become stunning "dresses" when combined, Michelle decided her passion was in allowing women to be part of the styling and creative process of an evening wear look. 

As a result of the Pret-A-Porter success Michelle decided to apply the same concept and create the Pret-A-Faire Collection. An experience for women who wish to be part of the creation and evolution of a one-of-a-kind Haute-Couture piece for them to wear at a special occasion. Michelle’s intention is always to involve women in the decisions of how they wish to dress and style their looks, ultimately advocating for self-expression through fashion.