When you get approached by 3 hopeful mothers to design dresses that will appeal to three girls throwing a Bat-Mitzvah Disco Party together you immediately get excited. Not only because its an opportunity to make three girls feel like princesses but, because it so happens that these three girls are my dance students and their respective mothers dance in my adult dance crew. 

Now, of course there was a challenge, how could you design something that three 12 year old girls would agree on in terms of Color, Shape, Material etc? Well, the mothers and I met first and came up with a plan, a very Flexible Michelle Meler Studio type plan. I proposed three different designs keeping one main idea in mind, they wanted it short and puffy. The idea was to show it to them and each would vote on two designs they wanted. If they all agreed on one they would all get the same shape, which was something they were not against. And if they all picked a different one, they would all wear a different variation of the same concept. Same applied with color, they could pick one of three colors (a palette previously agreed upon by the mom's and I) or they could all wear the same color. The possibilities were broad:

  • One dress, three colors
  • One color, three dresses 
  • Three Dresses, Three Colors. 

In terms of material I immediately felt excited about the prospect of working with Neoprene. Its fun, easy to mold to 12 year old's bodies and it had the right structure for what I wanted to achieve with each of the proposals. Finally, the Girls agreed on option number one, in three different colors. 

At first I was unsure on how the attitudes of 12 year olds could affect the process of making a custom dress. Would they get picky, would they decide they didn't like it mid process and some other fears that of course manifest throughout any creative process. At the end, this was one of the easiest experiences I have ever had with clients. Three amazing girls with very clear ideas on what they wanted to wear and we all had the same vision. For the embellishment I commissioned my friend and Creative Director of Victoria Lekach, a beautiful design house specializing on acrylic house decor, to design and laser cut flowers in a sequin like material to be used on different parts of the dress. 

Every design journey is joyous and it can have its ups and downs but this one was particularly special. To Gaby, Hannah & Jessi I say Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah and its my pleasure to see you guys grow into what I can foresee will be beautiful women inside and out. On another note, see you guys tonight at 6:30 sharp, wearing all black and hair up ;)

To Mimi, Sof & Vivi I say, Thank you for trusting me with such a special moment in your daughter's lives and thank you for being my dear friends. You have raised beautiful girls. 

Hope to work together again.