Our Pret-A-Faire collection means more than the right pieces coming together to form a unique and beautiful handmade gown. During the Pret-A-Faire creative process, we take our clients on a fashion experience like no other. Together, we design an exclusive, bespoke look for their special occasion, and we involve our clients in every decision and detail throughout the creative process. 



Women want to visualize their silhouette, and they wish to feel comfortable in it.  This has always been our biggest aspiration when developing the process for our Pret-A-Faire collection. Throughout the evolution of our Pret-A-Faire collection with our clients, we have created a library of carefully designed Tops and Bottoms called the "TOILE BLANCHE". This library allows us to sketch garment concepts on the female body and refine as desired with our clients.  Together, we are able to combine many of our white canvas pieces from the "TOILE BLANCHE" library and blend them into endless dress silhouettes for either cocktail or evening wear.  This process allows the client to quickly arrive at a vision for their custom piece before the next, and most thrilling step; "COLOR, TEXTURE and EMBELLISHMENT".  Here, our clients chose from a selection of beautiful high-end fabrics and embellishments to bring their vision to life as a truly one-of-a-kind dress infused with their personal style and enhanced with beautiful details of the Michelle Meler design aesthetic.

  Embroidery Details On Custom Gown

Embroidery Details On Custom Gown



For some women, the concept of a custom dress is about the creative process and moving through an experience designed to involve them at every step. For other women, the most important part will be a custom fitting and having a unique dress that enhances and molds perfectly to their bodies. For us, the most important part of the creative process is arriving at a collection that can allow both of these aspects. Witnessing women express themselves through fashion, allowing women to take charge of what they will wear, and stimulating a creative collaboration is what ultimately brought Michelle Meler Pret-A-Faire to life.